Lantau Development Alliance

New Chairman Assumes Office
Keeping Track of HZMB’s Opening,
Implementing Sustainable Lantau Blueprint Perfecting Transport Facilities, Promoting Green Tourism

(July 11, 2018) Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA) has announced the appointment of Mr. Vincent Chua, General Manager DB Operations of Hong Kong Resort as new LaDA Chairman, and Ms. Linda Choy, Vice President of Public Affairs of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as new Vice-chairwoman. The new term of office commenced last month.

LaDA was founded in 2013 by enterprises and local groups on Lantau. Its work includes collecting opinions and carrying out research on opportunities for bridgehead economy and Lantau’s sustainable development. It also proposes to the government feasible and practical initiatives, with its objectives being developing Lantau into a smart community for living, work, business, leisure and study, and driving local economic growth, nature conservation and community development.

Lantau is situated at the centre of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area, and is within the One-hour Intercity Traffic Circle of Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao. With its strategic location, Lantau is set to become a double gateway to the world and Greater Pearl River Delta (PRD). As the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is about to be opened, it is expected that more business visitors will come and participate in events of business and commerce, and conference and exhibition in Lantau. In order to optimise opportunities for bridgehead economy and to promote green tourism and leisure and recreational activities in Lantau, LaDA will focus on the following work in the coming year:

  1. LaDA will consolidate tourism resources from enterprises and organisations across different sectors, including tourism, conference and exhibition, hotel services, and transport, boosting Hong Kong’s tourism industry and enhancing green tourism and leisure and recreational activities in Lantau.
  2. LaDA will keep track of the major impacts brought about on Lantau’s traffic condition and tourism development upon the opening of the HZMB. After gathering and consolidating opinions from members, LaDA will provide practical advice to the government to ensure the project’s smooth development.
  3. LaDA will communicate relevant stakeholders’ suggestions with the Sustainable Lantau Office, which is responsible for the coordination, planning and implementation of various development projects. It is hoped that the government can drive Lantau’s local development and enhance its connectivity while carrying out these projects, in a way in line with the principle of the Sustainable Lantau Blueprint: balancing development and conservation on Lantau, and seizing the opportunities that bridgehead economy brings to the community.


In the coming year, LaDA will continue its effort in promoting collaboration between the community and the business sector. By implementing the above initiatives, LaDA will seize opportunities to develop Lantau, contributing to the economy of Lantau and Hong Kong.