Lantau Development Alliance

LaDA Newsletter 6th Issue

New office bearers assume office

LaDA has announced the appointment of new office bearers of the term from May 2020 to May 2021

  • Chairman: Mr. YT Li, Consultant of Shun Tak-China travel Ship Management Limited
  • Vice-Chairwoman: Ms. Anita Lai, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs of Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Treasurer: Mr. James Wong, CEO of Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited

LaDA will continue to lead the members towards tripartite collaboration among the Government, the business sector and the community, promoting the sustainable development of Lantau as a major tourism and transport hub, and an outdoor leisure centre of Hong Kong, providing growth opportunities for businesses, quality living in urban as well as rural communities and stimulus to the local economy

LaDA launches local tourism offers

Since the beginning of this year, the society and economy have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. While foreign tourists can’t come to Hong Kong, the locals can neither travel abroad. As the pandemic eased down a bit in June, LaDA launched a series of “Lantau Explorer Packages” with our local member companies. These local tour packages allow Hong Kong citizens to explore the unique and stunning beauty of Lantau, enjoying the fun of Staycation. LaDA also aims at bringing more new customers for our members by providing more promotion channels. 

The Tourism task force of LaDA had our first meeting in mid-May. Directed by LaDA’s new chairman Mr. YT Li, Consultant of Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Limited, and led by the new Chairman of Tourism task force Miss Carrie Kwong, General Manager of 360 Holidays Limited, LaDA launched 6 packages and a series of other offers with a dozen of LaDA members within a month with the assistance of our Secretariat. 

The local tour packages encompass a series of hotel accomodation with breakfast, cable car and transport packages, theme park and attraction tickets as well as limousine connections. The prices range from $988 to $3,000+, with a complimentary HK$100 Citygate Outlets cash voucher and a 20% off coupon at AsiaWorld-Expo’s NUVA, specialising in Chinese fine dining. Details can be found from

Apart from being listed in Hong Kong Tourism Board’s newly launched “Hello Hong Kong, Holiday is Home” campaign, with the assistance of LaDA’s Communication task force, the packages were covered by the following media:

TOPick: 【大嶼山旅遊】大嶼山發展聯盟推酒店景點門票優惠 最平988元起

AM730: 大嶼山發展聯盟新推本地遊套票 $988包銀礦灣酒店+昂坪360纜車票

HKET: 大嶼山發展聯盟新推本地遊套票 $988包銀礦灣酒店+昂坪360纜車票

Hong Kong Main Street Gazette: 大嶼山發展聯盟推出精彩探索玩樂旅遊優惠

Holiday Smart: 大嶼山玩樂旅遊優惠!$ 2088起住迪士尼酒店 連昂坪來回纜車票

WKids: 【本地遊!探索大嶼山玩樂優惠】

After the third wave pandemic, the Tourism task force shall revive the packages into Fall/Autumn versions and collaborate with more media for more promotion.

Sunny Social Enterprise offers mask discount for LaDA members

During the pandemic, corporations are sourcing for masks and other personal protective equipment in numbers. Since April this year, LaDA’s founding member Sunny Social Enterprise (SSE) has set up dust-free workshops to manufacture ASTM F2100 Level 2 masks for the public, as well as supplying to major corporations.

LaDA Chairman and Secretariat have paid a visit to their workshops in Tung Chung and Kwun Tong in mid-August to understand their production process, machinery deployed, quality control measures introduced and certification attained. Their product is called “Friendly Mask” with the following specifications:

        • 3-ply mask with ear loops
        • ASTM F2100 Level 2
        • BFE > 98%
        • PFE > 98%
        • 175 x 95mm (for adults)
        • 50 pieces per box


The listed prices of “Friendly Mask” are $2@ (without individual envelopes) and $2.4@ (with individual envelopes), SSE is so kind to offer LaDA Members a special discount. A complimentary box of 50 sample masks were delivered to LaDA members.

SSE was established in 2008 as a social enterprise wholly-owned by Outlying Islands Women Association. SSE aims at nurturing local talents, exploring and unleashing the human resources network of Lantau and the Islands, as well as fostering tripartite collaboration among the Government, business sector and the community.

Member Info: Combining Heart and Science to Ensure Your Safety

As a world-class exhibition, convention and events venue, AsiaWorld-Expo always puts the safety of visitors and staff as its top priority. In addition to the standard provision of temperature checking and hand sanitiser stations at major admission points, AsiaWorld-Expo adopted a multi-pronged approach to create impeccable health and safety standards covering individuals & their belongings, the environment, and the frequently touched areas.

“CLeanTech” Admission for Extra Peace of Mind

For visitors, AsiaWorld-Expo deploys the world’s first “CLeanTech” disinfection installation, which is an innovative three-in-one disinfection device combining a suite of technologies, including BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying technology, Aegis Intelligence and negative room pressure design. The device door will be opened automatically when the visitors passed the built-in temperature checking. After entering “CLeanTech”, it would help to sanitise outfits and carry-on items of visitors in just 12 seconds.

Intelligent Sterilisation Robot In Action

Alongside “CLeanTech”, AsiaWorld-Expo also gears up disinfection applications with intelligent sterilisation robot. The cutting-edge robot is equipped with multiple disinfection modes, featuring ultraviolet light steriliser, 360-degree disinfectant spray-heads and air filtration (HEPA). Its 360-degree autonomous navigation technology helps to reach blind spots and ensure complete coverage, best suited for patrolling across the halls during move-in and move-out periods, keeping the air and object surfaces fully sanitised.

Making Touch Points Virus-free All Year Round

In addition, AsiaWorld-Expo sanitises frequently touched surfaces (such as doors, door handles and escalator handrails) with Aegis Intelligence, which is remarkable for its physical puncture sterilisation and photocatalyst disinfection. This anti-viral coating keeps functioning for 12 months, it helps to protect the frontline staff and reduce the need for frequent manual work, while reducing reliance on traditional sanitiser.

By thoroughly disinfecting the venue through scientifically proved solutions and with products of high and long-lasting efficacy, AWE sets the trend for the industry fellows to provide safe and sanitised environments to ensure a robust bounce back once the COVID-19 is contained.

For details, please go to:

Member Info: Comprehensive Disinfection of the Kwoon Chung Bus fleet for the safety and confidence of passengers

In order to effectively help control the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease epidemic and reduce the risk of passengers being exposed to infection, the Kwoon Chung Bus Group has applied a (MAP-1) disinfectant spray coating to the more than 1,500 buses and 350 limousines owned by the group. This is in addition to our usual commitment to maintaining the cleanliness of the cabin environment.

This GERMAGIC™ bactericidal and anti-epidemic coating (MAP-1) is a micro-capsule wrapped disinfectant, which adheres to the surface of the object after spraying to form an anti- viral and bactericidal film, and can effectively kill 99.9% of viruses, including 2019 new coronavirus (COVID-19). This was developed by the team of Professor Yang Jinglun of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology- “Jiehe Industrial Co., Ltd. Innovative Environmental Health Technology Joint Laboratory”.

This technology provides long-term disinfection and antiviral and bacterial coating for every corner of the group’s entire fleet of cars, including frequently touched areas such as doors, armrests, bell presses, seats and the driver’s cab. All-round protection, so that each and every passenger can use the service with confidence. The sterilization period is good for 90 days, and applying bleach or disinfectant alcohol to the sprayed surface will not damage the sterilizing coating

Kwoon Chung Bus Group had applied the coating in April 2020 and will continue to re-apply this coating every three months. The second round of spraying was in July, 2020 and is testament to the Kwoon Chung Bus Group’s commitment to providing safe, reliable and comfortable transportation services.