Invitation to Tender -
Secretariat Service for LaDA

Lantau Development Alliance (LaDA) hereby invites Tender Submissions from interested organizations with proven experience and capability for providing secretariat services to established associations. The term of the Contract is intended to be for 2 years.

Tenderers must submit their tenders through email. The submission details can be found in the tender document.

A soft copy in response to this tender should be delivered by email no later than the closing time at 1200 noon on Wednesday, 1 August 2018 (Hong Kong time) to the following email address only:

Late tenders WILL NOT be accepted.

The tender document in form of electronic copy will be provided via email upon request made to the following email address:

Tenderers should provide the names of their companies and the contact information of the person-in-charge in their request for the tender document.

Enquiries concerning the tender should be made to the following email address:

LaDA does not bind itself to accept the lowest tender or any tender, and reserves the right to negotiate with any tenderer about the terms of the offer.  

Invitation to Tender